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Yuti in Sanskrit means Connection. We are all shaped by our unique life experiences that are connected. As we start recognizing those hidden patterns, we become aware of our surroundings, our choices and most importantly our power in shaping our destiny.

The world or the life we live is a product of our own subjective consciousness and we can create anything we desire. We have the power to change our energy and are in control of our happiness or success.

Discover yourself!

I am a certified coach (iPEC) and a corporate HR leader who loves to teach energy leadership coaching to people and help them be the best version of themselves. I have more than 12 years of experience coaching executive leaders and helping employees grow their careers. I am very passionate about Entrepreneurship, career growth and leadership. If you'd like to know more about coaching and how I could help, please reach out!



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"I needed some help in revising my resume with my current role and update it to be better positioned when applying for job. Sheena was very quick in pointing out where I could improve my wording and how I could create a stronger message. She was also very helpful in guiding me to specific roles that align with my interests and experience. She's very open and very responsive, she gave me great tips and always answered when I had a specific question. Once I land an interview I will definitely reach out to her again to get some help on how to give stellar answers. I definitely recommend her!"

Anna, CA

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