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Energy Leadership Index Assessment

A unique attitudinal assessment

The Energy Leadership Index assessment provides insights into how you show up in your life. It is a tangible way to become aware of how you lead in life and what you might need to change to generate the results you desire. Research shows that higher energy levels lead to higher degree of satisfaction in life. 

How is it different from various personality assessments like DiSC or Enneagram?

Our personalities don't change often but we can change our attitude towards life and situations. This assessment makes you aware of your perceptions and beliefs that shape the way you feel and work so you can make a positive shift.

How does it work?

You will complete an online assessment (takes about 15-20 min). 
I will review your results and we will go through an in-depth debrief session. You will discover your energy at each of the 7 energy levels that you typically experience under stress and also under normal situations. We will then talk through where you could shift your energy to meet your goals. 

Book your personalized ELI assessment today!

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